The layers that make up the EDUM system are as follows:

  1. Connect Layer: a middleware for integrating with external partners

  2. Block Chain Layer: for integrating with internal operation subchains and external exchanges

  3. Market Layer: for issuing and purchasing POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs and IP NFTs, and NFT Contents

Connect Layer : Integrated Interface, Restful Open API, Access Token

An integrated interface system will be provided to exchange partner's points for EDUMP. This system is developed in the form of Restful OpenAPI that can efficiently integrate with other systems and provides the following functions.

Block Chain Layer: Main Chain (Public), Private Chain, Smart Contract, SWAP, Metaverse

In the EDUM ecosystem, the EDUM token (ERC-20) utilizes the Main Chain, and EDUMP for internal content use are used. Firstly, the Interchain Solution that connects the Ethereum public chain and the internal chain will be applied. For future private blockchain implementations with partners, access is given only to authorized nodes, and a technology platform that can implement it is selected to develop an enterprise blockchain platform within EDUM.

EDUM Smart Contract Audit

EDUM smart comtract security report

EDUM token applied for smart-contract security check to CERTIK on March 07, 2023, and received the test result on the 17th of that same month. Through this inspection, the stability of the contract was confirmed.

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