WEB 3.0 (NFT)

Edum aims to implement a global Web3.0 platform where learners and instructors connect and grow together. Our goal in this innovative educational ecosystem with various services combining learning and rewards; learners gain actual economic value and access high-quality personalized educational content; instructors have their legitimate copyrights, enabling them to provide excellent content and contribute.

Edum NFT consists of IP NFT, Content NFT and POAP NFT, each of which will be serviced as follows:

  • IP NFT (Intellectual Property NFT): learners subscrive the content (lectures, consulting, mentoring and etc.) contributed by the instructors. Possible for bundle products such as membership rewards.

  • Content NFT: NFTs based on real services (lectures, entrance exam seminar and etc.)

  • POAP NFT: It serves as a kind of digital identity proof (DID), providing objective and highly reliable personal authentication NFT product. Unlike other NFTs, its purpose is not for trading, but it can be utilized in personnel matching-related services.


Instructors providing question banks, consulting, mentoring and other services can utilize Web 3.0 to be recognized for their intellectual property rights and receive fair compensation. Contents combined with NFTs will serve as new revenue streams for businesses and individuals through 1) learner sales commissions and 2) transaction fees between learners. This will act as a powerful incentive to provide high-quality educational content. Through the cycle of protecting intellectual property rights and generating revenue, high-quality content will become more abundant gradually. This will provide participants in the Edum platform with a better educational business environment.

Some IP NFTs can enable bundle services that promise multi-step benefits, following a membership concept. These bundle services consist of multiple promises, such as 1st step—lectures, 2nd step—online consultations, and 3rd step—offline meetings. The benefits vary based on conditions such as the quantity of held NFTs and costs. Therefore, a limited quantity of NFTs initially issued at a fixed price can be actively resold based on the content of benefits and user needs. Both the issuer and the buyer can profit from resale transactions.

Content NFT

Because it is based on a physical services such as lectures, admission seminars, etc., there is a clear target audience and it can be structured in stages. With the possibility of providing membership rewards within the content, various bundle product services are also feasible.

The article of Edum NFT

NFT Meets Education… EDUM, Entrance Exam Seminar 'Sold Out'


POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT serves as a type of digital identity certificate, enabling the certification of the issuer's education, career, achievements and etc., as NFT. It can provide objective proof through POAP NFTs by encapsulating any actions they wish to convey special messages, including the issuer's reputation, achievements and social value. Transactions between individuals are not possible unlike other NFTs, but they are expected to provide new service paradigms such as generating new revenue and increasing LTV for companies requiring identity verification, such as recruiting platforms. Edum anticipates generating substantial revenue for both job seekers and employers.

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