Education Web 3.0 Project

The primary objective of the EDUM Project (hereinafter referred to as EDUM) is to create an educational ecosystem that empowers participants to persist in pursuing their dreams despite economic limitations. This ecosystem will provide them with practical incentives and access to affordable, high-quality educational services. Furthermore, the project endeavors to provide support through diverse scholarship initiatives, enabling individuals to continue their educational journeys and fulfill their aspirations.

  1. Gaining knowledge through learning has proven to be an essential catalyst for personal and social advancement, and its significance has progressively heightened in tandem with the rapid pace of development.

  2. However, the imbalance of learning opportunities based on economic power leads to the perpetuation of wealth inheritance, resulting in deepening social inequality and forming a vicious cycle.

  3. EDUM aims to provide learners with greater educational opportunities and offer innovative learning environments at minimal costs.

  4. Our objective is to provide practical financial support that serves as a tangible aid in the learning and growth process, while creating an ecosystem where both learners and providers can achieve a win-win situation.

“Never abandon your dreams due to financial limitations!

Through the innovative [reward, certification, intellectual property] systems in the education field, the EDUM educational ecosystem empowers all participants, including learners, instructors, and service providers, to attain tangible economic value.

Participants in the EDUM ecosystem have the opportunity to :

  1. Receive reasonable rewards for their learning, growth, and service provision processes.

  2. The rewards they receive hold immediate value and can contribute to real economic activities.

  3. Access high-quality educational content at reasonable costs.

EDUM Infrastructure

EDUM is set to be implemented through a strong partnership with JINHAK (Jinhaksa Co., Ltd.,) the top-ranked company in the education and admissions ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry in South Korea for the past 22 years.

Over the course of 22 years, JINHAK has been dedicated to the development and operation of online admissions support systems for 250 universities and graduate schools. In addition, they successfully manage "Catch," a job platform that attracts an average of 150,000 DAU(Daily Active Users). With EDUM, we aim to capitalize on JINHAK's extensive "technological expertise" and "infrastructure" to swiftly and effectively establish a practical service-oriented blockchain education ecosystem. Furthermore, we have plans to expand our services through strategic partnerships with prominent players in the education industry.


The EDUM project aims to serve as a trailblazer for ecosystem participants, offering them greater opportunities and a pathway to a successful life.

Hence, EDUM's vision for learning and growth extends beyond youth education to encompass a long-term perspective that includes high school, university, and employment. EDUM aims to pursue a Web 3.0-based education platform where ecosystem participants are fairly rewarded for their contributions to learning and growth, in accordance with the value they have generated.

The primary goal of the EDUM to create a sustainable ecosystem by establishing direct connections between education-related businesses and participants, fostering organic relationships. It leverages Web 3.0 to facilitate the production and redistribution of content, ensuring the continuous development of the ecosystem.

"EDUM strives to become a leading innovator in the global Web 3.0 education ecosystem."

*POAP = Proof of Attendance Protocol

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