EDUM Web 3.0

EDUM's Web 3.0 aims to create an educational ecosystem that interacts with the real-world education system. The goal is to conduct all activities within the ecosystem, built on blockchain and NFT technology.

With a total of four Zones, learners will have the opportunity to engage in various activities such as education and personal growth, information exchange, and content purchases. EDUM aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem by integrating the real-world education system with Web 3.0.

Learning Zone

① In the EDUM WEB 3.0 ecosystem, called the "Learning Zone," learners can experience a diverse range of educational content without constraints of time and space. The Learning Zone serves as a space where instructors provide learning-related content, including problem sets, lecture videos, curricula, as well as information sessions for admissions and job fairs, mentoring, and other educational materials. Additionally, learners can purchase desired content using their EDUMP tokens within this space. Education partners and their lecture content are provided as NFTs by EDUM, enabling transactions between learners within the metaverse.

② EDUM's WEB 3.0 ecosystem, the "Learning Zone," offers various conference events for learning and personal growth. Learners can participate in their desired conference events by purchasing tickets using EDUMP tokens within the metaverse space. To do so, learners need to obtain a certified NFT, which serves as a form of digital identity, providing objective and tamper-proof evidence of personal history, achievements, and certifications. Therefore, EDUM's certified NFTs can be effectively utilized in fields where identity verification is required, such as employment and talent marketplace platforms. In the "Learning Zone" space, companies will have a high level of trust in verifying job seekers' information, while job seekers will have a more convenient way to showcase their credentials to multiple companies.

Competition Zone

The "Competition Zone" provides a space for learners to showcase their skills achieved through learning and compete with others. It allows learners to validate their learning achievements and obtain certifications. Various mock exams and competitions are conducted based on grade level, region, and subject, enabling learners to validate their improved abilities through learning and acquire certification. The program is designed to connect learners' learning outcomes with certification acquisition, allowing them to obtain qualifications based on their learning accomplishments.

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