NFT Content

Content NFTs go beyond simple collectibles like artwork. They are NFT products that include various learning-related features such as lectures, college consulting, and problem-solving IP. By leveraging Web 3.0, they can be recognized as intellectual property, allowing creators to receive fair compensation for their knowledge.

IP = Intellectual Property, intangible creations of the human intellect.

The integration of NFTs with lectures and problem sets will serve as a new source of revenue for businesses and individuals through learner sales commissions and transaction fees between learners. This will act as a strong incentive for providing high-quality educational content. Through a virtuous cycle of protecting intellectual property rights and generating income, the platform will gradually become enriched with excellent content. This, in turn, will provide a better educational business environment for participants in the EDUM platform.

Membership NFT

Membership-based NFT services with a multi-tiered benefit structure are designed for specific target audiences and serve clear purposes. For example, they may include different levels such as Level 1 lectures, Level 2 online consultations, and Level 3 in-person meetups. The benefits at each level can vary based on factors like the quantity of held NFTs and associated costs. As a result, the initially issued NFTs, available in limited quantities at a fixed price, can facilitate active peer-to-peer resales among users based on the offered benefits and user demand. This allows both the issuer and buyer to gain transaction profits.

NFT Trade

We will create an NFT trading structure where users can purchase and trade various NFTs. It will consist of:

1) NFT Market where learners can purchase IP NFT content initially issued by instructors;

2) NFT Mall where learners can trade the NFTs they have purchased with other learners.

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