Certification (POAP)


POAP serves as a form of digital identity that allows the certification of the issuer's education, career, achievements, and more through NFTs. It enables the objective display of the issuer's reputation, accomplishments, and social value, as well as the inclusion of special messages within the POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT. Learners, for instance, can acquire NFTs that authenticate their completion of courses or education provided by EDUM, or the achievement of goals in various services.

In addition, various external certifications and volunteer activities can also be verified through NFTs. While it may be challenging to expect peer-to-peer transactions like other NFTs, this can provide a new service paradigm for companies that require identity verification, such as employment and talent platforms, leading to new revenue generation and increased LTV (Customer Lifetime Value). EDUM, therefore, anticipates generating substantial revenue for both job seekers and employers.

POAP = NFT that preserves and certifies Your achievements and career

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